Welcome to Trend-E-Nation


Don’t worry, I am gonna keep it short and simple 😊

Hi People,

This is Shriti Omar ( doesn’t have any meaning,but still if you want to know contact me as my grand mother and father made their own meanings 😅 ) born in Kanpur but brought up in different cities as I am an Air force brat.
I am a BCA graduate and working in an IT company as a system analyst in noida and also provide digital marketing services.

Coming to my blog,

Trend-E-Nation means to provide everything to nation electronically with this blog and make it trending.

To trend something means to let the world talk about that thing.But it doesn’t mean only celebs or known person can start a trend.

You can make your own trend.

And providing information electronically is the easiest and effective medium to reach nation.

What I feel is everyone is beautiful but we just need to enhance or I should say customize our beauty according to our personality.

So, here you will find review of products, DIYs, home remedies, beauty hacks,travelling experience, life lessons and what not.

So stay tuned.

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Much love 😘