Holi Skin and Hair Care tips

Happy Holi in advance !! ūüėėūüėė

So the colourful festival is just around the corner.

Before playing holi make sure you are holi ready.I have some tips you would need for your skin and hair care.

Before Holi:

  • Skin care:¬†how to protect skin?

Make sure you apply coconut oil all over your body.Especially on the exposed part including ears and neck.Oiling the skin prevents colours from sticking to the body, and makes it easier to rinse off the colours post the play.

To prevent yourself from the direct exposure of the sun use sunscreen.This way you can avoid getting tanned.

Know your skin type 

Use lip balm to prevent them from drying and keep them moisturized.

  • Hair care:

Apply coconut oil a night before holi and on the day of holi and massage it well to prevent your hair from all the damage that awaits.

Tie your hair in a braid or a bun to avoid further damage.

Do Hair spa at home 

  • Nail Care:

We often forget our nails during holi.Make sure you apply Nail paint before going out for holi.
Boys you can also apply transparent Nail paint to avoid them staining.

Post Holi:

  • Skin care:¬†how to remove color from skin?

Exfoliating Bath gloves

  1. DO NOT APPLY SOAP OR ANY CHEMICAL BASED PRODUCT directly after playing holi.
  2. Take some curd and apply on your body and massage it well.
  3. Once the colours are off take a cold or lukewarm shower.Using hot water can make your sky dry and remaining colour will not come off easily.
  4. Moisturize your skin well.

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  • Hair Care:¬†how to get holi powder out of hair?

First brush your hair well so that dry colour comes off and rinse your hair with cold water this will help to wash off the colour easily.

Then use mild shampoo to wash off the colours from the scalp using your fingertips.

Apply a deep conditioner and rinse well.

Do not use hot water.

Hair fall remedies

Enjoy every colour of Holi and you will get every happiness u desire.

Much Love ūüėė


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