There was a time when everyone was talking about activated charcoal mask, charcoal face wash, activated charcoal peel off and even charcoal toothpaste and that time I got this best charcoal face mask Charcoal Mask Cream Anti Blackhead“Before I start the review check the below picture to see the difference.

before and after

Now Quickly start with this best activated charcoal mask review

charcoal mask cream

Everything written here is in Chinese but thanks to google translator.

Price: some sellers at amazon are selling at Rs. 75, some are are at Rs. 95 and so on for 130 gms.

What it claims:

Bamboo charcoal oil control blackhead mask cream penetrates into pores, softens blackheads, bamboo charcoal absorbs lipids, helps to improve oil secretion, and at the same time gives the skin ample moisture to shrink the pores, make pores fine and firm, after using one skin feel Refreshing and youthful after use.


It comes in Black and white inverted tube with a flip flop cap.It also has an outer cardboard box. Some texts are in Chinese and some are in English.All the details are mentioned in the tube.


It has thick consistency (much like a glue) that is a plus point and it is in black color obviouslyūüėĀ.You need to apply it as soon as possible you take it out of tube or else it will get messy.

wet and dry

My Experience:

After all the buzz I was so excited to try charcoal product and i just loved this charcoal mask cream.It works like a magnet that strips out all the black and white heads.But don’t try it on full face specially where you have hairs you will end up crying or washing it off. It sticks on skin so well that when you peel it off you can see you skin pulling with it.Also don’t try this if you have acne or breakout, it will worsen the situation.

I have tried another charcoal mask but that was so runny and couldn’t stick to the skin.But because of this mask’s thick consistency it holds up very well and peel off easily but bit painful and it also removes thin facial hair.You will actually be able to see tiny white dots (check that on below picture) on the mask after you peel off and will finally get smooth skin.

black and white heads on mask

How I use:

I wash my face with lukewarm water to open up pores.Apply this mask¬†(don’t layer it up too much) on dry skin (mostly nose and chin) .Leave it until it dries.Peel it off in upward direction.Apply some toner to shrink your pores and apply moisturizer if you feel dryness.


  • Removes white heads, black heads and dead skin so well.
  • Makes skin smooth
  • Pocket friendly
  • Doesn’t dry out skin
  • Perfect consistency


  • Can worsen breakouts
  • Really sticky (you won’t be able to apply on full face as its bit painful while peeling)
  • Not advisable for Sensitive skin (always do a patch test before applying)

I highly recommend this mask to each one of you but you should always do a patch test before using it.

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Much Love ūüėė


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