Ask these questions to yourself before you go further.

Are you busy that you can’t take out some time for your skin?

Don’t you have time to go to parlour?
You don’t like to try home remedies because you are LAZY.
But still you want tan free, blemish free, dark spots free,Moisturized and glowing skin?
Do you fit well in any of the above category?
Congrats this article is for you 😃
So I have been using DEBON HERBALS SANDAL TURMERIC CREAM for 15 days now.And here is what I feel.
TrendENation | debon herbal sandal turmeric cream
Price: Rs.132 (100g) (Also comes in 50g and 500g) (Click here to buy)
Shelf life– 2 years from manufacture date.
CREAM Claims: Made from rich sandal & pure extract of turmeric rhizomes. Has antiseptic germicidal action, heels & soothes inflammatory skin condition & allergic rashes. Helps fairness of the skin.
Ingredients: Siketh tel,Turmeric extract,Tankhan khar,Sandal oil,In cream base

How to use (according to product description):

Used for Facial & Body massage. Effective pre bath & post bath. Apply lil quantity of cream with plain water on the face or all over body & massage gently.
Wash with Luke warm water.
Now its time for my experience:
Packaging and texture:
It comes in orange and round white plastic container with twisted cap & secured with aluminum foil.And with an outer cardboard box with all the details mentioned on it.
TrendENation | debon herbal sandal turmeric cream
It comes in yellow colour (because of turmeric) with not so thick and not so runny consistency.It has refreshing smell of sandal and turmeric.
My Experience:
The best part is it has all the natural ingredients that I usually use in home made packs.So Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream is saving my time and of course as I am lazy so I am totally loving it.I am able to notice the results just after 2 days.It does lighten my dark spots that caused due to pimples.and removed tan to an extent.
How I use: I use it in night time after washing my face.I take small amount of cream on my finger and massage it on my skin for about 5- 6 minutes and leave it for overnight and wash it off next day.
But if you have oily skin (check your skin type if you don’t know) you should wash you face with plain water to remove excess cream before you go to bed as it moisturize the skin so much that you will feel extra oil on your face.
Also I use Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream  before bathing: Take some cream and apply on body and now use some water to keep it little wet so that you can massage Debon Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream easily. Massage it on skin for 10 minutes and then leave it for 5 minutes and bath.
It keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated that  is what I really like.After waking up next day I have noticed the glow on my face.One more thing that I like is I can use it on my whole body.I don’t have to buy anything extra for my body.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Pocket friendly
  • Saving my time (I don’t have to make homemade pack now)
  • Refreshing Smell
  • Moisturise skin so well
  • Removes blemishes
  • Removes dark spots
  • Reduce tan
  • Makes your skin glow
  • Can be used for whole body
  • Good for all seasons
  • Good for all skin types
Con (not really)
As it is made up of Natural ingredients so it requires patience and dedication if your scars are deep and old.It will take few days but you will see the results.So this is not a con basically .
So this is all about Herbals Sandal Turmeric Cream.  
Much Love 
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