Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream

If you have perfect skin without any blemish or pigmentation but under eye dark circles can make your face appear dull.

I am working in IT sector and I have rotational shift timings and due to irregular sleeping patterns and working on computer everyday, I started getting  dark circles around my eyes.

And applying makeup everyday is not the solution and I don’t even like to apply  BB cream, CC cream or foundation everyday.

So I got the chance to try my hands on Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream.

I have been using this cream for almost 10 days now.

Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream
Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream

Price : 90/- INR  (25g) (Click here to buy)

Shelf Life : 2 years of mfg

What Debon Herbals Under Eyes Helps to revitalize the skin around the eyes, making it appear brighter & smoother. Daily use helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles & slow down ageing sign thereby enriching the skin around the eyes.

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Key Ingredients : Almond Oil and Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, Lavender oil

  • Almond Oil : Intense moisturizer,lightens the skin and reduces dullness,
  • Aloe Vera juice : reduces the puffiness under your eyes. Along with that it also fades away the dark circles and gets rid of the pigmentation
  • Vitamin E Oil :  helps fight the effect of free radicals,that cause signs of aging like wrinkles
  • Lemon Grass Oil : helps lighten dark spots and smooth out skin complexion
  • Lavender oil : famous for its calming properties. A good amount of it will help you get better sleep

Application (as per product ): Apply & massage for ten minutes around the eye & then remove the cream with moist cotton wool. Splash some luke warm water on the face before going to bed.

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Packaging and texture: Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream.comes in a round plastic container with an outer cardboard box.All the ingredients, concept,application and other details are mentioned on it.

Debon Herbals Under Eyes Cream

Cream has very sweet pinkish colour and its not too runny nor to hard to apply.It has perfect texture and spreads on skin easily.

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My Experience: 

I get puffy eyes after I wake up and that is common so my main focus is on darkness around eyes.I can literally see the results and I am happy with this product.It does lighten up my dark circles and puffiness.I am surely gonna continue with this product.

How I use: As per the product you have to “apply and massage it for 10 minutes and remove the cream with moist cotton wool. Splash some luke warm water on the face before going to bed.”

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But what I am doing is, I take small amount of cream on my fingers and massage it gently around the eyes and I don’t wash my face after then .I wash my face directly next morning.

Best time to apply : Use it daily before you go to bed at night.


  • It is herbal
  • Calms the under eye nerves
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Removes darkness
  • Moisturise
  • Easily available
  • Absorbs well
  • Does what it claims
  • You should definitely try this.

Much Love 


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