Envy Smart Deo For Men

So the great news is Envy has introduced its new series of Deodorants – Envy Smart Deodorants for men.

It has always been said that you should always buy perfume / deo according to second person.So here I am to be your adviser and will give opinion about Envy Smart Deo.

The newly launched Range, Envy Smart Deo has come up with an Auto-Pause Technology. This major advancement is also to be seen as a “Deodorant with a Brain” which has inviting modulations along with customer satisfaction for its value.

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It has an inbuilt controlled spray mechanism which automatically controls the quantity of the spray while giving a refreshing and an admirable burst of fragrance for a longer stay. This shall mechanically control of the spray and shall give you the exact amount of spray required.

This concept has totally eliminated the wastage and gives a maximum of 1000 sprays. Envy smart deo  is backed up with a lot of research thereby to increase the purchaser fulfillment which is unified by technology. It has three sole variants integrated with exceptional and an impressive fragrances to refresh the senses.

Envy Smart Deo | Envy Smart deodorant | trendenation | ENVY Burst | ENVY Bang | ENVY Explode


Price: 199 INR for 135 ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

So this review is totally based on my and my cousin’s experience with these Envy Smart Deo.

PS: I have used Envy Smart Deo for men for 3 days to personally experience the effectiveness.

Blogger’s life 😛

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Packaging: Envy Smart Deo comes in a grey and brown/blue/green coloured cylindrical bottle with very basic designing.All the details are mentioned on the back side of the bottle.

As Envy Smart Deo is designed for eliminating wastage by its Auto-Pause Technology, Envy Smart Deo does what it claims.

You just have to press it once and it will give you enough spray which is actually required.You can spray twice if you want.

I really appreciate their unique idea of Auto-Pause Technology and we need to admit that we all have been wasting deodorants by spraying it for so long which is not actually required.

So I got all 3 variants of Envy Smart Deo range.

Envy Smart Deo : ENVY Burst- This enticing fragrance is made for men who crave a fantastic blend of spice with musk. It is perfect for wearing it all-time and for all occasions with an unparalleled scent. Its fresh top notes blended with exotic spices along with richness of geranium at heart with woody, musky base gives a complete aura to the one who wears it.

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Envy Smart Deo : ENVY Bang- An irresistible fragrance specially curated for today’s youth having top notes of cardamom and pink pepper. The extraordinary juiciness of exotic fruits finely enveloped with richness of sage. A very long-lasting odour enriched with vanilla, musk and amber at base. Buy from here

Envy Smart Deo : ENVY Explode- A sparkling fresh mandarin and bergamot at the top making intense freshness and radiance. It leads to a sensual profile which is poised with rich flowers and oak mass. The base is enriched with woody blends, musk and amber.This is on sweeter side.Buy from here

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All the 3 variants are so amazing and one could not resits smelling it again and again.

Fragrance is quite strong and I love strong smelling deos and perfumes.It will leave a mark of fragrance from wherever you go.And for men strong fragrance deodorants are recommended as men sweat alot.

Envy Smart Deo lasts for whole day and even smell does not fade away from clothes till you wash them.That is a double plus point.

Deodorant at this cost and effectiveness is truly amazing.Envy Smart Deo is so affordable and travel friendly that you can keep it in your laptop bag or in any bag.

Be it a date, office party, office meeting ,any occasion or even on normal days, Envy Smart Deo is a great pick.

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Another best thing Envy Smart Deo is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

let me sum up this with pros and cons


  • Smells amazing
  • Lasts long
  • Available everywhere
  • Auto- pause technology to eliminate wastage
  • strong smell
  • doesn’t irritate the skin at all
  • worth the price
  • Budget friendly
  • travel friendly



  • Packaging and designing can be better and attractive
  • Pocket Envy Smart deodorant needs to be introduced


Much Love 


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