Exfoliating Bath Gloves: Review

Applying body scrub every other day is quite impossible and time consuming but dead skin will not have mercy on you.🙄😑

So today I have a unisex product to review.
Exfoliating bath Gloves

Exfoliating Bath Gloves

These are basic gloves with rough surface, that helps in exfoliating.They are designed to exfoliate impurities and dead skin from your body’s surface. They’re also great for unclogging pores and cleaning and massaging your skin.

When to use: You can use them every alternative day as daily exfoliation can make your skin rough.

How to use:

  • Rinse your body well
  • wear your gloves and wet them
  • Take some body wash and lather it up.
  • Rub your body in a circular motion to exfoliate.
  • Rinse your body
  • Once you have finished using the bath gloves all you have to do is rinse them with water and hang it to dry

You can also use them as dry exfoliator in winters.

Exfoliating Bath Gloves


  • leave your body extra soft
  • easy to use
  • Great for unclogging pores
  • Exfoliate better if compared to loofah
  • saves a lot of time when you are too lazy for applying body scrub every other day.
  • Travel friendly
  • Pocket friendly
  • Not at all harsh in body
  • Can be used as dry exfoliator in winters (Added advantage)


  • Comes in single size but they are stretchable
  • lathering effect is a bit less if compared to loofah
  • Takes time to dry (could be an issue when you are out station and have to checkout early)

After using these gloves I am sure you gonna ditch your loofah.

Sorry loofah baby 😘

As I am too lazy and not a fan of bathing 🙈so these are perfect for me and I don’t feel clean without using them.

Give it a try and enjoy your baby soft skin.

TIP: I have tried both the branded one and non branded one and could not see much difference.So for economical purchase you can go for non branded as well.As you can buy 2-3 non-branded ones at the same cost.

I got the non branded one from here.

Much Love 😘


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