Glamego April 2018 Beauty Subscription Box


This is the First the time I have subscribed for Glamego (beauty subscription box)

You can subscribe any of them mentioned below

1 month subscription box at Rs 399/- per box

3 months subscription box at Rs 349/- per box

6 months subscription box at Rs 319/- per box

12 months subscription box at Rs 299/- per box

I subscribe for 1 month only for which I like the products in the kit.

For April, Glamego has chosen 5  skin care and makeup products worth Rs. 1800/-


1. My Island Kiss Lip Tint: Worth Rs. 499/-


What is claims: This moisturizing lip balm was selected in Vouge beauty awards,100% Natural,Petroleum free, Sun protection, Non Toxic, Safe

My Experience: It does moisturize lips for good long hours.I got the pink tinted balm.But if you merge it well you can barley notice the colour.  It comes in a cardboard box with all the information on it including the ingredients list which is also mentioned on the tube.It leaves lip glossy.

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2. NELF USA Compact: Worth Rs. 350/-


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What is claims: SPF 18,Vitamin E for anti ageing and nourishment,Oil free,Ultra fine,Light weight.

My Experience: The good thing is Glamego gives you option to select the shade,but selecting skin shade on mobile or computer screen is actually different than your real skin shade.So I chose the Fair shade but I wasn’t sure as I am in between Fair and medium (if that makes sense :P).But fortunately it goes well with my skin tone.It gives silky finish with ok coverage like every other compact powder.

3. Tjori Dtan Pack: Worth Rs.525/-

What is claims: It removes tan in a most age old formulation of turmeric, bentonite clay and fullers earth.

My Experience: It comes in round small bottle.It is a light brown loose powder which helps in removing tan.It gave me clear skin and didn’t dried out my skin fully. You need to use it regular to see the difference.You can mix it with water or rose water and apply on skin.

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4.Vedicline Gold Facial: Worth Rs.350/-

What is claims: Ayurveda suggests use of saffron, almond, marigold flowers, turmeric 8 sandalwood for benefits of gold, since they absorb golden rays of the Sun & have gold like benefit on skin

My Experience: I loved this facial kit.You will see the result in a single use.This is the best facial kit i have used till now.It comes in 6 sachets  with 6 steps.An outer cardboard box carry all the sachets and all the steps are mentioned on it.It gives golden glow and a tan free face.


5.Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay: Worth Rs.150/-

My Experience: It comes in a simple blue and black coloured tube. This clay is quite thick in texture and hard to spread on face.You can mix water to spread it easily.clay is in blue colour. After applying you can feel some tingling sensation but nothing to worry.It gives clean and clear skin.I would not recommend this to sensitive skin people.


So these were the products in April’s Glamego  subscription box.

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But as it was my first time with glamego, I got bit disappointed because the products I received was looking like they are old. Scratches were there on the Tjori Dtan Pack container and on NELF USA Compact case.I also mentioned this to glamego’s support but all they could say is ‘it might have done during transit’.

Except this scratch part I am happy with this Glamego beauty subscription box.


Much Love 😘


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