Glamego July 2018 Beauty Subscription Box India

For  July, glamego (beauty subscription box India) has given 5 premium monsoon skin care and makeup products worth rs 2600/-.

You can subscribe any of them mentioned below

1 month subscription box at Rs 399/- per box

3 months subscription box at Rs 349/- per box

6 months subscription box at Rs 319/- per box

12 months subscription box at Rs 299/- per box

I subscribe for 1 month only for which I like the products in the kit.

So this month Glamego subscription box has given following products.

  1. The Nature’s co Red Wine Face Gel:  worth Rs 900/- (35ml)


What is claims: perfect skin supplement ,deep skin repair for monsoon,removes patches, evens out complexion, makes dull skin glow.

My Experience: It has red wine coloured gel in a small round box and being a red wine gel it smells like berries.After washing my face I apply Thenaturesco’s Red Wine Face Gel and massage it. It penetrates into the skin well.Its been only a one day so need to use it longer to see the difference.Click here if you want to buy.

2. The nature’s co Saffron Radiance Face cream : worth Rs550/ –

What is claims:  keeps infections away, perfect moisturizer for monsoon, protects from uv rays.

My Experience: It has not so thick and not so runny white texture,comes in a small round bottle.I am not happy with this product as after applying my face was sweating like anything.I had to wash my face to remove it.Being a monsoon product, it should be non greasy and  light weight. May be i can use it in winters but not in monsoon or in summers for sure.And I can’t recommend it to oily to combination skin.It can work for dry skin.

Check out your skin type

3. Elenblu Mascara: worth Rs 599/-

What is claims:  waterproof ,long lasting,  high volume Mascara,Made in Germany,Intense black

My Experience: It does what it claims to.It makes my eyelashes hard and add volume.It will stay till you remove it. Click here if you want to buy.


4. Biobloom Body mist (orchid | Marigold)  worth Rs 450/-  (50 ml)

What is claims:  perfect for monsoon blues, alcohol free, refreshing fragrance, chemical free .

My Experience: This is by far the best product in the kit.I was looking for some perfume or deo or body mist of refreshing smell.It has flowery refreshing smell and I am just loving it.It is so handy that I can carry it in my bag.It stays for good 5 – 6 hours. I am gonna buy it again for sure.

5. Sesa Mud Hair Spa Kit: worth Rs99 / –

What is claims:  smoothes frizzy hair, deeply nourish and rejunvenates hair,prevents hair fall ,stimulates hair growth,keep hair hydrated,Ideal for unisex

My Experience: It has 1 Sachet of Therapeutic  hair shampoo, 2 packets of Deep Nourishing Mud Hair masque, and 1 packet of revitalizing hair serum.I will update it once i will use it.Let me know your review if you have used it.

Do your own hair spa at home

Beauty subscription boxes are good option to try out new things.

Much Love 😘



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