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Recently I came across this instagram profile of this  Jayshree Rukhana ‘s handmade soaps. This brand is based in Mumbai and owned by very sweet and humble lady Jayshree Rukhana. She is not into cosmetics but in fact she has finished her Masters in Clinical Psychology .She started making soaps as her hobby. She even take some time and take care of stray cats and she thanks to her passion that helps her to do all this.

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Packaging and Texture:  Jayshree Rukhana makes these cute handmade soaps in different colours, sizes, shapes anything you want. You can ask her to make your own customize soaps at very reasonable rates.

DIY pedicure and manicure at home

She wraps it up in plastic transparent sheet, which covers and save the soap from external dust. You will also see brand name written on it.

Ingredients:  She uses Neem powder, orange peel powder, lemon peel powder, tulsi and mint powder as well. Almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, coconut butter, shea butter. She gets the oils pressed in pressing machines. These are SLES and chemical free. She uses readymade soap base. Colours used are edible that cause them fade after few months, but it doesn’t affect the quality of soaps.

Check your skin type

These can be used by new born babies, eczema patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as dialysis that cause their skin extremely dry.

TrendENation | Jayshree Rukhana Soap Factory

Talking about the soap They are extremely cute that I can even display them in my home. Every soap has different fragrance and you would love each of them. Jayshree Rukhana ‘s handmade soaps lathers up so well and clean your face effectively and  even removes makeup and leaves your skin super soft and moisturized.

These soaps are giving me motivation to bath everyday. :p

I use them with my exfoliating gloves by putting the soap between my hand and gloves so that it lathers up and my skin got exfoliated as well.

They are super travel friendly and will not take much space. You can even carry it on your handbag.

Looking for holiday destination

I am in love with these cute and amazing handmade soaps.

These are the perfect thing to gift someone.

You can visit her instagram profile or call on  9821924128 to order.

Much Love 


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