Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum Review

A Solution to your Dark Intimate Areas

Having a scar free, pigmented free skin, in short flawless skin does not only include visible part of the body. It also includes intimate areas.

And you would definitely want to wear bikini in any beach location with full confidence and not thinking about your dark Intimate Areas or even cellulite.

To feel confident you need to use Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum.

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Namyaa Skincare has introduced its new Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum as a natural treatment for dark intimate areas. This intimate lightening serum is safe and non-toxic for intimate areas and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals making it more desirable and befitting for its consumers.

It is made from natural, plant based ingredients like Deionized Water, Licorice Water, Mulberry Extract, Orchid Extract, Bearberry Extract, EDTA and Glycerin. It is specially formulated with no hydroquinone and helps treating your darker intimate areas, naturally.

TrendENation | Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum Review
TrendENation | Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum

Price: 750 INR for 100g
Shelf Life: 36 months
Buy from: Amazon / Namyaa

We all adore a flawless skin and wish to have a perfect skin tone to feel confident and happy. However, no one enjoys those darker skins of intimate areas due to extra pigmentation, scars or cellulite, etc and it loosens the confidence of the person. Keeping this need in mind, Namyaa skincare has developed a revolutionary Intimate Skin Whitening Gel, specially formulated to let your intimate skin of delicate areas become flawless. This great formula not only lightens the dark pigmentation but also removes cellulite and scars of the skin to make it radiant and flowing. During this treatment, the skin of those delicate areas also tightens to gain its perfect shape and reduces the wrinkles caused by softening of the tissues. It’s time to regain your lost confidence, no more embarrassment for your darker areas, get a flawless and graceful skin of intimate areas by Namyaa Intimate Skin Whitening gel in just 6 to 8 weeks.

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Packaging : Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum comes in a very simple and classy white and blue plastic bottle with a shiny silver plastic cap.It has pump dispenser to make sure it doesn’t get messy and also has a inner cap which makes it more travel friendly and avoid leakage.
All the necessary information is written on the back side of the bottle.

TrendENation | Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum Review
TrendENation | Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum pump dispenser

Texture: Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum comes in golden brown coloured serum which absorbs quickly into the skin.

Direction for use : Gently clean the areas you want to lighten. Gently pat the area dry with a towel or soft cloth. Apply the serum twice daily. Continue this procedure for 6 weeks or until you have achieved your desired skin tone.

Remove white and black heads

My Experience:

Its been 15 days I am using Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum. I use it once in a day after bath.Just a single pump is enough to apply.You can use it accordingly. Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum absorbs in skin so well and quickly that you will not feel any stickiness or greasiness . It has a mild fragrance that is noticeable only when you sniff it closely. Results are visible truly visible in just 2 weeks.And it did not cause any redness or itching that is a very good thing.But still I will advise to do a patch test before you use it.

Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum aims to reduce dark spots, dark pigmentation, cellulite and tighten intimate areas.


  • Reduce Pigmentation
  • Reduce scars
  • Remove cellulite
  • Tighten the skin
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not smell
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Absorbed quickly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Great packaging
  • Gentle on skin
  • No hydroquinone


  • The only con is price.It is quite expensive

Will I recommend: Yes I will recommend Namyaa Intimate Skin Lightening Serum because like other body parts, Intimate areas do need attention and eventually you will feel confident.

Much Love 


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