Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub Review

What Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub Claims: Detoxifying charcoal scrub  delivers a deep-pore clean. Natural charcoal draws out the dirt and excess oil that can clog pores. Soothing, non-drying lather gently washes away impurities. This face scrub is the weapon for dead cells and hard skin. Provides deeply cleaned, tingly-smooth skin. Polish your skin with the best charcoal scrub

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  • Unclogs Pores
  • Deep Cleanses
  • Gives Instant Whitening
  • Exfoliates dead skin and improves skin texture

TrendENation | Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub Review | shriti omar

Price: INR 240 for 100g

Shelf life: 3 Years

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Packaging of Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub: It comes in black flip tube with detailing in silver colour. All the information is mentioned on tube itself.Packaging is really attractive. Its handy and great for travelling purpose as well.

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Texture of Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub:  It comes in Grey colour, consistency is quite thick.Scrub particles are thick and hard Fragrance is so refreshing and soothing.

TrendENation | Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub Review | shriti omar
Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub texture

How to Use  Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub: Rinse you face with warm water to open pores and soften skin, Take Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub and wet it with some water and massage your face and neck in upward direction for 3-4 minutes. Moisten it with water if needed.Wash it off and towel dry.

Apply aloe veera gel or moisturiser afterwards (according to skin type).

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My Experience with  Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub: I just love thick granules scrub so this  Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub has to be my favourite. Thick granules clear skin more effectively. But if you have sensitive skin, go for soft scrubs.Boys skin are comparatively hard than girls so this Qraa Activated Charcoal Scrub is great for them.

Its quite thick so you will have to mix some water to moisten it.It does remove black heads but not very effectively.Its good for dead skin and also it dries out the skin by clearing oil from face so you will have to use aloe veera gel or moisturisers to balance it out.

Overall its a great scrub if budget is not an issue for you.

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