Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil Review

Qraa Men has introduced its Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil  which is enriched with the goodness of Onion to assist people with several hair problems. The Red Onion Oil has been enriched with Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Black Seed Oil to have long lasting and effective results. 

Price: INR 799 for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

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What Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil claims: Red Onion Oil is a 100% natural ready to use Onion Oil and is a complete food for hair and scalp. It is rich in sulfur and also contains Vitamin A, C, E and B-Complex. Onion Oil nourishes hair follicles and restores the nutrients.This oil minimizes hair breakage and thinning due to its rich Sulphur Content. This also fights dandruff, accelerates hair growth, increases strength and volume, reduces greys and gives protection against lice.

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  • Contains Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Black Seed Oil
  • Stops Hair Fall
  • Reduce Dandruff
  • Accelerates Hair Growth
  • Gives Shine

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Ingredients of Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil : Onion Essential Oil, Kalonji Oil, Neem Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Methi Extracts, Tulsi Extracts, Bharhmi Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

How to Use Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil (according to product): Apply oil on tip of your finger and rub it gently on the base of your hair enabling it to penetrate in to the roots of your hair. leave it overnight. Wash with a gentle shampoo.Use daily for  a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

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Packaging of  Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil: It comes in small brown plastic bottle with black flip cap.All the details mentioned on the bottle itself.Bottle is cute but packaging is not much attractive.Its small and handy bottle makes it travel friendly.

TrendENation | Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil Review | shriti omar

Texture: It comes in transparent oil and smells like some herbal oil. Fragrance is strong in starting but disappears a bit in few minutes. Consistency is good and can be applied easily on the scalp.

My Experience with Qraa Men Red Onion Hair Oil :
My hair are chemically straighten so I usually don’t apply oil or any hair product for growth.But to test its instant impression I tried this oil.
I applied and massaged my scalp with the oil and left it overnight,Fragrance was quite relaxing.I washed it off next day with lukewarm water.It made my hair a bit fluffy and soft.
 I can’t say much about it with just one try as I can’t use it daily due to my chemically straighten hair.But it has all the main ingredients which is required for good hair. So I guess it will do justice with what it claims.
Price is bit on higher side for just 100 ml.

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