Trip To Auli,Uttarakhand

Get ready to experience (theoretically) the beauty of nature in Auli, Uttarakhand.

Before I start my experience, few details I want to share.

Distance between Delhi to Joshimath- 506 Kms

How to reach-

By Flight- New Delhi to Dehradun then you can take bus till Joshimath.

By Train-  New Delhi to Rishikesh then you can take bus till Joshimath.

By Bus-  Delhi – Haridwar- Rishikesh- Devprayag-Srinagar- Rudraprayag- Karanprayag- Nandaprayag- Chamoli- Pipalkoti- Joshimath

Time taken from delhi to Joshimath (Auli) by bus: 15 Hours

Best time to travel by bus: Night

Things to do in Auli : Snow activties, Mule ride, Trekking,Nature’s beauty

Places to visit in Auli and nearby: 

  • Auli Artificial Lake
  • Gurso Bugyal
  • Skii point
  • Valley of Flowers
  • Badrinath

Now lets get into my experience:

So I am not gonna waste a single minute to start this amazing trip.

Trip starts from delhi. (Friday, 13th April 2018)

We were 6 friends without having any bus ticket (so intelligent we are😎). And it was friday night and whole Kashmiri Gate ISBT was loaded with travelers. All volvo buses were full (so obvious), so we thought to travel by uttarakhand roadways and to our surprise they were also full🤦.So somehow we managed to get into the bus at around 2 am (saturday) and reached Rishikesh around 7 am (as we didn’t book tickets to Auli so we had to get into the Rishikesh’s bus) .

After having breakfast we again took the local bus to Joshimath (last place where bus drop you for Auli).

We took the bus around 8 am (saturday) and reached to Joshimath at 7 pm (11 hours journey) .It was hell tiring as we were in local bus (all dust,sunlight and everything was over us ,also we already had an amazing journey from delhi to rishikesh).

So after all the struggle we reached to joshimath (We also thought to go back to delhi in between our journey from rishikesh to Joshimath) and we could literally feel the sense of relief after seeing the view.All the struggle paid off.

Now thanks to hotel mount view annexy that they booked the rooms for us.😍

Hotel was amazing,so neat and clean,bed sheets,pillow cover were so neat and clean,washrooms were so clean,staff was very friendly and humble,food was so delicious and hygienic,budget friendly and the best part was the view from window. I want my heaven to be like this.I truly recommend this hotel for Auli.👍

view from our room

After Freshen up and dinner we slept.😴

Good morning everybody (Sunday, 15th April 2018)🌥️

So its the day of experiencing new journey.We woke up early , get dressed ,had delicious breakfast at hotel , left the hotel around 9 am and booked the cab to Auli (around 10 am)

*Quality of videoes might not be good as i have compressed the videoes.

It takes around half an hour to reach Auli from Joshimath but we stopped at a point and clicked the pictures. View was so amazing.Road sides were covered with beautiful trees and mountains covered with snow are all around us.It was amazing. Weather was soooooo amazing and alluring that i can stay there forever.

we stopped to click pictures
My girls 😘😘

We reached to Auli in around 45 minutes (around 10:50 am ) and then you have 2 options either you can take trolly to reach above the hills or you can climb to the hills.


We chose to walk to the hills so that we can enjoy to the fullest and wanted to experience every single thing.So after relaxing in every 5 minutes we finally reached to the hills in 1 hour (12 PM)

view from half way

But wait this is not the final destination.

You will get some snacks,tea,water etc at overrated price but that’s actually fine for that place.We had some snacks and tea and now its 12:30 PM.

So here is the interesting part if you want to enjoy snow then you have to go above to that point.And again you have 2 options you can climb to that point or you can get the ride on Mule (A mule is the result of the mating of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare) to produce a hybrid.)

We already got the experience of climbing hills so this time we chose a ride on mule. Charges were high to book Mule.But we were in holiday mood so we didn’t care and booked 6 mules.
Mine was Female and her name was Dimpy.😘😘

My Dimpy baby 😘

Riding on mule was a mixed feelings.I was scared but at the same time I wanted her to run.I was enjoying.She was going out of ways and I was like ‘Dimpy, my baby I won’t put all my weight on you and I will sit still,please lets go to your owner’.But she was so stubborn like me and went out of ways so finally the owner guy had to take her back.It was so cool. I loved that ride.

At around 1 PM we reached to the final destination.Snow was less but when you have amazing friends you can enjoy anywhere.So we enjoyed there alot.

Around 2 PM we get on to our mule and started to ride back.As soon as we started our ride, snow fall started.This was cherry on the cake.I always wanted to see snowfall and it was unexpected and perfect

Just imagine

Sun shining on the snow giving mountain a golden hue ,

It was going well with trees and sky was blue.

You are gazing the sky ,wondering where the snowflakes were born.

Night would be more romantic but it was morn.

Snow is falling soundlessly and making your skin glow.

All you want the time to go slow

— written by Shriti Omar

But we couldn’t stay there to enjoy in snowfall because if we stay and rain starts the it would be difficult for mule to go down the hills as hills could be slippery.

Weather was so cold, we put on our jackets and caps.And reached back to our half location (around 2:30 PM) where we had Maggie,omelette, tea,coffee.Everything was so good.

Then we get back to our location where our cab was parked and finally to our hotel around 3:30 PM.

Then we relaxed for few hours and went for local sight seeing (temple having the oldest tree in India, local market)

After then I had fun time in hotel with friends and slept with eyes filled with today’s views.

On Monday we woke up and got ready around 8 am and checked out hotel to go back to our place.BUT we got late (last bus was at 6 am and we didn’t know that).So we had to again to go Rishikesh by bus and then had to take bus from rishikesh to delhi.

Finally we Reached Delhi on Tuesday morning with amazing memories and experience.
This was my amazing trip with all kinds of feeling,emotions,experiences,struggle and what not.

I have some tips if you plan a trip to Auli.

  • Most important Jio network doesn’t work there.Take other sim as well.
  • Always carry jacket where ever you go in auli as weather is unpredictable .
  • Always carry cash.
  • If you wanna save some money,travel by roadways buses (trust me they are not that bad for shorter distance)
  • Try to book your tickets in advance.
  • Always try to plan a trip when you can extend your off days so that you don’t rush for every thing.
  • Take dettol liquid with you because bathing water was not clear and bit salty.
  • Try to carry biscuits or any snacks wherever you go.
  • Always bargain for everything.

You can also explore Valley of flowers (20 Kms from joshimath, it usually opens around July and closes in October) and Hemkund Sahib in between your journey.

Don’t throw your garbage anywhere.Its a clean city so let it be like that.

Much Love 😘



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